Top 5 Built-In Outdoor Grill Brands

If you’re building an outdoor kitchen, you must be planning to host regular gatherings in your home. And where there are gatherings, there is food—grilled food! Outdoor grills are an essential in every home, and having an outdoor kitchen means you can have a built-in outdoor grill. It just makes sense—the convenience where everything is in one place, the broad space for prepping, and the simplified storage. But how do you choose which built-in outdoor grill is the right one for you? Well, the two most important things are: the size of the grill and your budget. It’s important to not get one that’s too big which will only waste the space it occupies, and not too small that you can’t cook enough for the number of people you’re serving. The budget is also a consideration, built-in outdoor grills can be pricey.

But don’t worry, we’ve come up with a list of the top 5 built-in outdoor grill brands so you can find which one is the right one!

Here are our Top 5 Built-In Outdoor Grill Brands:

1. Napoleon Built-in Grills

Napoleon Built-In Outdoor Grills
  • Dual Infrared Burners
  • Rotisserie Kit
  • Lift Ease™ Roll Top Lid 
  • Accu-Probe™ Temperature Gauge
  • Jetfire™ Ignition System

Napoleon’s built-in grills are known for their innovative features and quality construction. The 700 Series models, such as the Dual Infrared Burner, have high-heat searing for restaurant-quality steaks. The BIPRO500RBPSS3 model includes a rotisserie kit with an infrared rear burner. The BIG44RBNSS model features the Lift Ease™ Roll Top Lid that makes it easy to access and helps retain heat for efficient cooking. Additionally, Napoleon grills come with the Accu-Probe™ Temperature Gauge and Jetfire™ Ignition System for precise temperature control and reliable ignition.

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2. Twin Eagles Built-in Grills

Twin Eagles Outdoor Grills
  • Zone Dividers 
  • Hexagonal Grates
  • Concealed Heavy-Duty Rotisserie System
  • Integrated Temperature Gauge 
  • Exclusive Control Illumination with LED lights

Twin Eagles combine premium craftsmanship with advanced technology in their built-in grills. The TEBQ36-C and TEBQ54RS-C models feature zone dividers that allow for independent temperature control across different sections of the grill. The TEPG36 pellet grill has digital precision and an integrated temperature gauge for accurate heat management. The TE1BQ42RS Eagle One grill includes a concealed heavy-duty rotisserie system. Unique to Twin Eagles, the hexagonal grates give optimal heat retention, and the exclusive control illumination with LED lights ensures perfect visibility even during night-time grilling.

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3. Bull Outdoor Products Built-in Grills

Bull Outdoor Products Outdoor Grills
  • ReliaBULL Technology 
  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction 
  • Piezo Igniters on Every Valve
  • Dual Lined Hood 
  • Ample Storage and Workspace

The PREMIER Q model features ReliaBULL Technology which ensures even heat distribution across the grilling surface. Constructed from 304 stainless steel, these grills are built to last and resistant to the elements. The built-in BBQ OUTDOOR KITCHEN & GRILL and the POWER Q OUTDOOR ISLAND KITCHEN & GRILL models come with ample storage and workspace. The grills also feature Piezo igniters on every valve for reliable start-ups and dual lined hoods for better heat retention.

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4. Blaze Built-in Grills

Blaze Grills
  • Commercial-Grade Stainless Steel Construction
  • Illuminated Control Knobs and Cooking Surface
  • Heat Zone Separators
  • Flame Stabilizing Grids 
  • Full-Width Drip Tray

The 32-Inch 4-Burner LTE Gas Grill features illuminated control knobs and a cooking surface for night-time grilling. The 40″ LTE Built-In Grill with Lights has heat zone separators that allow for precise temperature control across different sections of the grill. The 34″ and 44″ Professional Series grills come with flame stabilizing grids to minimize flare-ups for a safer and more efficient grilling experience. Additionally, Blaze grills include a full-width drip tray for easy cleaning.

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5. Alfresco Built-in Grills

Alfresco Outdoor Grills
  • Integrated Sear Zone Burner
  • High-Performance Rotisserie System
  • Dual Halogen Work Lights 
  • Exclusive SafeTouch Hood 
  • Smoker Integration System

Alfresco built-in grills are known for their luxurious features and professional-grade performance. The ALXE 30-Inch and 42-Inch models feature an integrated sear zone burner for high-heat searing. The high-performance rotisserie system with infrared burners ensures evenly cooked rotisserie dishes. The ALXE 56-Inch model includes dual halogen work lights for grilling in low light conditions and the exclusive SafeTouch Hood for heat protection. Alfresco grills also come with a smoker integration system.

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Wrapping Up

Built-in outdoor grills enhance your backyard cooking experience with a variety of top-notch features. Napoleon has advanced burners and precise temperature control. Twin Eagles provides innovative zone dividers and night-time grilling lights. Bull Outdoor Products focuses on even heat distribution and durable construction. Blaze stands out with its commercial-grade materials and easy-to-clean design. Alfresco impresses with high-heat searing, rotisserie systems, and smoker integration. These are the top built-in outdoor grill brands that deliver reliable performance and quality, and you’ll surely find what you need in one of these brands.

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